YogAntigua Reviews


YogAntigua truly helped me to change my life. I could not more highly recommend the teachers and classes. The YogAntigua community supported me through a transformative year, and I am grateful to them for working with me to develop and strengthen my practice (physically and mentally) before, during, and after my pregnancy. I’m not in Antigua now, but YogAntigua will be one of my first stops when I get back. Miss you guys, Laurel, Liz, Marco, Mindy, Nancy, and Ginger!


A Yoga Kind Of Day
Recently an ordinary Tuesday morning was transformed into a surprise healing experience by a private yoga session with Heidi.  My daughter is a student and admirer of hers who encouraged me to try it for general health improvement. The results exceeded all expectations.
The opportunity to be gently guided through a meditation using body parts that don’t get much attention anymore is one I’m glad I didn’t miss.
Heidi’s soothing sincerity stills body and mind as she breathes with you through the asanas, softly guiding your moves. Each pose brings a deeper connection with your inner awareness. At the end she mentions the ‘most important asana’, which is the one where serene and blissful feelings replace ordinary thoughts for a time. Suddenly it becomes obvious that clearing the mind and attuning the body to itself are very healthy and worthy goals.
There are also public classes which my daughter attends regularly and recommends highly. For older folks like me, the option of private sessions is very attractive. (Heidi’s patience is also a big help!)


A wonderful place to practice yoga…especially Tuesday & Thursday with the wonderful Heidi who does a guided meditation before her Vinyasa class. Her knowledge & experience are obvious as she shares her passion for mindfulness & yoga


Very knowledgeable teachers, great classes. Beautiful spaces. Highly recommended.


This a very emotional review. YogAntigua is more than just teachers. They are all practitioners of the higher practices. Mature and loving clases are offered by this international team. Some of them were the first people to bring Yoga to Antigua. I am lucky to have shared with them and learn with them. And eternally grateful for their selfless welcome to the nomad I am. Guatemala is lucky to have them as their reach goes beyond the Yoga mats.

Real, deeply Namaste


“YogAntigua is by far one of my favorites here in Antigua. It has continued to exceed my expectations with its variety of levels and styles. Over the past 2 years attending various classes l, I have found vinyasa flow on Tuesdays and Thursdays with Heidi to be my favorite. However each teacher has an deep knowledge of yoga and never make you uncomfortable no matter what level. I highly recommend YogaAntigua to anyone who asks! Namaste!”