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Raised in Canada, Nancy arrived in Antigua in 2001 embarking on a journey to embody yoga guided by Rae Ishee’s practice and training. While in Australia, she worked as an Aerobics Teacher, Personal Trainer, Weight Room Supervisor & Massage Therapist that provided a foundation upon which she developed a strong, emphatic and holistic yoga practice.  She became a Yoga Siromani in 2007 at the Sivananda Yoga Vedanta Centre in the Bahamas continuing her studies while traveling around the world visiting over 60 countries.
She is influenced by Buddism, studying with Lama Mark Weber from Canada and by ACIM, attending courses by Lisa Natoli and study groups held by Vincent D’Agati in Antigua.
In 2014, Nancy trekked for four months in India studying for one month with Surinder Singh in Rishikesh.   Completing a round-the-world trip in 157 days during 2015, she found yoga practices throughout with exceptional studies of silent & musical meditation in Sri Lanka.
Nancy finished the Mindfulness 6-week On-line Certification through Palouse Mindfulness MBSR Course in 2016.  Most recently, she took courses with Carol Fellowes in Nova Scotia, Canada, learning the biomechanics techniques developed by Katy Bowman.
Nancy is an intuitive spirit of God’s will & grace, adapting class flow, pose choices, and structure responding to her class needs.