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Morning classes held in the Art Gallery at Hotel Meson Panza Verde, 5 Ave Sur #19.

Afternoon classes held at Casa Blanca, 5th avenida sur #13.

Pre-natal yoga held at Prana holistico, Condiminio injertal Casa #7A, El Callejón del Burrito

Prices; Drop-in Q70, 5 or 10-Class Card (valid for 6 months): Q250 or Q500

Classes are 75 or 90 minutes long. We provide yogamats, straps, blocks and eyebags.

Classes taught in English and Spanish.

Private Classes; Custom designed for individuals with all safety specifications.

Contact us for more information.

YogAntigua Hatha yoga; Yoga moves with mindfulness & gentle breath by incorporating blocks and straps. (All levels).

Yoga Mix; Combination of holding poses, flowing sequences to calm the mind and breathe into a timeless movement. breath, stretch, balance and relax your mind. (All Levels)

Vinyasa Flow; Combines flowing movements linked with breath, core strengthening, flexibility and endurance. (All levels)

Strong Vinyasa; Combines flowing movements linked with breath, core strengthening, flexibility and endurance. Suitable for intermediate practitioners looking for a strong workout. (Intermediate-advanced level)

YogAntigua Foundations; An ideal class for beginners and other practitioners who want to focus on the foundations of yoga - body awareness, alignment, breath work

and increase strength and flexibility. (Beginners - all levels)

Hatha Flow Class; Using traditional poses with an emphasis on body awareness by using breath, music, movement and meditation. (All levels)

Sivananda; A simple and natural yoga involving 5 main points of proper asanas, proper breathing, proper relaxtion and diet with proper positive thinking.

Deep Stretch; A deeply therapeutic stretching class suitable for all levels with modifications for beginners or advanced students with a focus on alignment awareness & body connection.

Workshops; Organized gatherings for kids, teens, men and pregnant women with various themes.

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Antigua, Guatemala, Central America.

Morning classes held in the Art Gallery of Hotel Meson Panza Verde, 5th Ave Sur, no 19

Afternoon classes held at Hotel/Restaurant Casa Blance, 5th Ave Sur, no. 13


Sept/Oct/Nov 2015


Thursday 8 October 10 - 5 & Friday 9 October 1030 - 530

by Ginger Hooven in San Juan del Obispo ... see FB >>>> for more details !!!!