27/02 Opening the Gates of Revelation workshop with Michael J. Stewart







We have the honor to receive again master teacher Michael J. Stewart for a special workshop.

PRICE: Q150 with 50% deposit required to reserve. There is space for 16 people, so make sure to reserve your space.

FOR WHO: This workshop is best suited for those practitioners that have some understanding of Asana (postures), and are looking for a way to deepen their experience of Pranayama and Yoga.

FOR MORE INFO: yoga@yogantigua.com Tel : 48350190

OPENING THE GATES OF REVELATION is a complimentary workshop to the deeper understanding of Shanta Vira Yoga. This series has been specifically designed to develop relationships with the more subtle aspects of our being. These include the Energetic, Mental, and Spiritual bodies. The specific techniques we will utilize are Pranayama, Bandhas, Mantra, Mudras and Sankalpa

Pranayama in Sanskrit is the combination of two words Prana, meaning “life force or vital energy and Ayama, meaning “control”, “expansion”, or “extension”. In order to fully explore the techniques of Pranayama we will utilize the practice of Bandhas. Bandha means to “lock”, “close off” or “to stop”. In this context we are referring to the “control or to “stop” the movement of prana. There are three primary Bandhas we will explore. They are mulabandha, uddiyanbandha and jalandhara bandha. To further enhance the experience of the subtle bodies we will add Mudras. Mudras are a “seal’, “gesture” or a “mark”. They are usually connected to energy centers within the body. Any position or movement of the body can be considered a Mudra. In this workshop we will focus of hasta mudras. Hasta in Sanskrit means hand.

The subtle exploration of Mantras are important for a study of Shanta Vira Yoga. Mantra in Sanskrit is a combination of two words. Man comes from the manas meaning “mind, while tra means “vehicle” or “instrument”. Our deepening or understanding from the gross to the most subtle bodies can begin when we are acquainted with all these aspects of our being.

The final practice we will look at is Sankalpa. This term comes from the Sanskrit roots san, meaning “a connection with the highest truth,” and kalpa, meaning “vow.” it translates to denote an affirming resolve to do something or achieve something spiritual. In Tantra this practice takes you to your deepest desire, iccha shakti; which is the root of all manifestation.

Michael J. Stewart is a teacher, nomad and creator of Shanta Vira Yoga. Michael has since lived, studied many different styles of yoga and traveled in over 30 countries.
He offers workshops, trainings and retreats around the world for guiding people to make wellness, art and community. For detailed information about his yoga studies, bio and Shanta Vira Yoga please visit:




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