26/02 Bio-Mechanics of Asana workshop with Michael J. Stewart






We have the honor to receive again master teacher Michael J. Stewart for a special workshop.

PRICE: Q150 with 50% deposit required to reserve. There is space for 16 people, so make sure to reserve your space.

FOR WHO: The workshop is designed for all that are interested in this journey.

FOR MORE INFO: yoga@yogantigua.com Tel : 48350190

In this workshop we’ll explore the fine details of Asana. Include will be anatomy, physiology, a specific instruction on finding clear access points to a variety of Asana. The two main structure we will explore are the shoulder an the pelvic girdle, as these are the two main arteries the spine relates through.
There are numerous ways to get insde any Asana (posture). Here, we will use repetitive movement, partial movement, fluid movement an asana explore through the profound dictum” strum sukham asanam”, to find ways in that will be best suite to each practitioners specific body type, and needs. Once we recognize how the physical body is incorporate in Asana; we begin to develop a clearer, deeper relationship to it, an its’ relationship to more subtle body experiences.
The objective of this workshop is to afford each practitioner clear, concise points of entry from the physical body to the energetic and subtle body experiences. The primary importance of precise alignment of the body it to alleviate any discomfort, a disease, there-by allowing further explorations into subtlety of form any function. Once we free the physical body, we free up the movement of prana an important aspect of Hatha Yoga.

Michael J. Stewart is a teacher, nomad and creator of Shanta Vira Yoga. Michael has since lived, studied many different styles of yoga and traveled in over 30 countries.
He offers workshops, trainings and retreats around the world for guiding people to make wellness, art and community. For detailed information about his yoga studies, bio and Shanta Vira Yoga please visit:



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